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Over 600 beads in every style to suit yours.

Chamilia (Authorized Retailer) Disney Beads and Charm Bracelets. Orlando, Florida. Chamilia Jewelry. The Charm Chateau Authorized Jewelry Retailer Store for Chamilia Disney beads. Chamilia Orlando Florida. Pick up or we ship to you. The Charm Chateau Chamilia Beads and Charms, Miss Chamilia for Girls. Florida Mall by Old Navy. Chamilia Beads and Charm Bracelets, Murano, chamilia sterling silver, chamilia disney beads and bracelets, chamilia jewelry, chamilia jewellery, pandora disney, mickey mouse, minnie mouse, eeyore, tigger, pooh, piglet, duck, tinkerbell, kermit, piggy, disney, chamilia necklace, chamila, chamillia, camillia, chamilia gold bead charm, cored collection, florida mall, orlando florida, charm chateau, dis, diso, pandora, polkadotz, polka dotz. Chamilia beads are similar with Pandora, Trollbeads, Lovelinks, Biagi and many other lines of personalized jewelry. Don't forget to add a Disney bead to your bracelet. Only Chamilia makes Disney Beads.

Chamilia ®  Your Life. Your Style.™
Chamilia is a registered trademark of Chamilia, Inc. used by permission.  Your Life. Your Style.™ is  a trademark of Chamilia, Inc. used by permission.

With Chamilia jewelry, your options are endless. Create a special piec

Create beautiful and one-of-a-kind jewelry with Chamilia beads, charms, bracelets, earrings, bangles and necklaces.  Trollbeads, Biagi and Lovelinks.

Choose from Chamilia's exclusive designs with a distinctive point of view and show your support for special causes.

Holiday and Christmas Beads

Our special collection of seasonal charms and beads captures the holiday spirit of this time of year from Halloween to Christmas. Some are available for a limited time only!

The Chamilia Jewelry "Give Back" Collection

Chamilia supports communities and causes across the globe through its "Give Back" program and donating a portion of the proceeds to causes such as Breast Cancer, Helping Hands & Open Hearts, Autism and World Peace programs. 

The Exclusive Chamilia Disney Collection

Mickey, Tinkerbell, Donald and Pooh. Recreate your favorite childhood or family memories with our exclusive Disney Collection. Now you can take these beloved characters with you wherever you go. Disney beads from Chamilia add an element of fun and magic. View our Disney Charm and Bead Collection.

New Chamilia Beads and Charms

Latest releases of new Chamilia beads and charms are added quarterly. Please check our New Products section for new Chamilia jewelry!

Jewelry can be around a favorite theme, color, season or style that's meaningful to you. Your finished designs will be as dazzling as they are personal.

  •  Chamilia Beads

    Over 600 beads in every style to suit yours. View Chamilia Beads 

  •  Bracelets

    Our bracelets are available in lengths that give you room to grow your charm collection.  View Bracelets 

  •  Necklaces

    Wonderful links and chains are your starting place for a masterpiece of memories. View Necklaces 

  •  Earrings

    Our interchangeable designs let you easily create a look to complement any occasion. View Earrings 

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